Name: Farida Akhtar Babita

Father’s Name: Late A.S.M. Nizamuddin Ataiyub

 Mother’s Name: Late Dr. Jahan Ara Begüm

 Date of Birth: 30th July

Nationality:  Bangladeshi By Birth

 Religion: Islam

 Profession: Film Actress

Achievements: Widely acclaimed as the best and successful performer of motion pictures both at horhe and abroad. The only Bangladeshi Film actress to obtain international acclaim and recognition in the post liberated Bangladesh which ushered in a new era of dignity of Bengali films in the world Cine culture.

National and international awards as obtained in recognition of excellence crediting as a consummate actress unsurpassed in Bangladesh since independence.

 1) “Zahir Raihan” Award organized by “Uttaron” —a national accredited Cultural forum of Bangladesh in 1972. The Award was given in memory of the celebrated film maker of the Indian Sub-continent who earned global reputation about his historic documentary films portraying the heinous genocide in Bangladesh during the war of liberation in 1971.

2) Bengal Film Joumalists Association Award 1993 in India. An Award given in recognition of Excellence in performance of a critical and key role 7n the most acclaimed film “Ashoni Sanket” by Sattayajit Ray —the master film maker of our time. It is an International film award.

3) “Poshchim Bangla Proshar Samity” —an Indian award of International stature.

4) ‘Delhi Bigganbharan Award”- an award given by the Government of India recognizing my contribution in the promotion of Cine-culture in the mainstream of world motion pictures.

5) National Film Award as an actress by the Government of Bangladesh in 1975 for the best film selected in the year. (Title of the film is “Badi thekey Begum”)

 6) National Film Award as an actress by the Government of Bangladesh in 1976. (Title of the film is “Noyonmonitt)

7) National Film Award as an actress by the Government of Bangladesh in 1977. (Title of the film is “Boshundhara”)

 8) National Film Award as an actress by the Government of Bangladesh in 1985. (Tit}e of the film is “Ramer Sumoti’t)

9) Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association Award 1974

 10) Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association Award 1977

I I) Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association Award 1980

 12) Bangladesh Cine Journalists Association Award 1985

13) Cinema Chalachitra Award 1974 — a prestigious award in recognition of extra-ordinary talent and performance in the films.

14) Chitrali Chalachitra Award 1995

15) Zahir Raihan Chaiachitra Award 1974. It is a record award given by “Uttoron”.

 (16) Purbani Chalachitrd Award 1975

 (17) Diploma of honor by xx Edizione Premio Cinematogaphic Neo Realista D’Avanguardia — This special award of honor was given in recognition of excellent performances in the life-oriented films that stands the test of time transcending geographical and cultural barriers.

(18) Sher-e-Bangla Smriti Award —A special award named after Sher-e- Bangla —one of the geatest statesman of Bangladesh.

(19) Sight and Sound Chalachitra and Shangskritik Sangsod Award 1977. . This award was given by

 (20) National Film Award of Pakistan in President of the Republic of Pakistan in recognition of a very successful performance in a popular- movie in Pakistan. (The film is entitled “Nadani”)

 (21) Pakistan Film Award — a special award given by the Government of Pakistan.

(22) Bangla Sangstha Chalachitra Award

(23) Jamalpur Suvechcha Chalachitra Award — a special award given by the general public of Jamalpur, Bangladesh for excellent performance of the much acclaimed movie of Bangladesh — “Golapi Akhon Treney”.

(24) Gold Medal by “Hasan Hafizur Rahman Smriti Porishad”- an organization named after the great Bengali poet of modem times — Hasan Hafizur Rahman.

(25) Sherpur Mohila College Award — a special award of recognition by students.

(26) A special award given by the general public of t ‘Narayanganjn in recognition of great contribution in the performing art and culture of Bangladesh.

 (27) Bangla Chalachitra Proshar Samity Award India — it was given as a goodwill gesture for Babita being selected as Best Actess for the year 1973 in the most acclaimed Bengali movie by the world renown Film Maker Sattayajit Ray. The movie was entitled UAshoni• Sanket” earned special award in the Berlin Film Festival, Gennany.

(28) Diploma of Honour in acting was given by “Arganta International Film Society” for being awarded as best actress for the year 1976 in the National Film Award by President of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

(29) Diploma of Honour was given by the National Sporting •Club of the country — Brothers Union in recognition of her obtaining the number of national and international awards and specially for being awarded as best actress for the year 1977 in National Film Award by President of the Peoples 3

Republic of Bangladesh. She is enrolled as life-member for the Brothers Union sporting club.

(30) Special Trophy was awarded by the Bangladesh Film Director’s Association in recognition of her being awarded international awards for the movie ” Ashoni Sanket” by Sattyajit Ray.

(31) “Asaf-ud-Dohla Smrity Sposhtobadi Award” in 1986 in recognition of the great contribution by her to Bangladesh Cine-culture.

(32) Certification of Recognition awarded by the Ambassador to Bangladesh of the U.S.S.R His Excellency V.G Beliayer on October 29, 1987 marking the•20th publication anniversary of the Soviet Magazine “Udayann in Bangladesh.

(33) “Agrajatrick Award” — an award given to the most distinguished personality of the Nation. This award was given to her in recognition of her awards and honour which helped much in heightening the cultural dignity of a new bom in the world forum.

 (34) “Ershad Award”.given by the Intemational Pen Pals Club — it was a special award named after former president of the peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

 (35) “Rongdhonu Lolitakola Academy Award” Academy Award- 1988 was given by the Mayor of Dhaka — Colonel M.A. Malek.

(36) Manik Mia Smrity Jubo Award 1989 given in recognition Best performances as an actress in the contemporary Bengali films. The award is named after Late Manik Mia who is considered a pioneer of joumalism in the country. The award was given by Mr. Anwar Hossain — Minister of Communications, Government of the Peoples Republic of Bangladesh.

 (37) “Abdur Rashid Torkobagish Smrity Award”. An award of the Daily Janata — a leading newspaper of the country. In recoglition of excellent performances as an actress.

(38) Bangladesh Film Critic’s Award- 1989. This award was given by Social Realist Cinema Study Center for her being selected as best actress in the movie “Biroha Bethan.

(39) “Doctorate in acting” was given by World Development Parliament, New Delhi, India. This honorary degree of doctorate was given in recognition of the lone Bengali film actress who has been an actress laureate in the world Cine-culture. This award was given by Sree Gyanee Jail Sing for President of India.

 (40) World health day award-1990. A special award given by Mother and Children’s Club, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

(41) Dhaka Shahitya Shanskritik Gosthi Award-1990* This award was given in recognition of her contributions in acting and literature.

 (42) Baishakhi Award-1990. A special award recognizing as the best actress of Bangladesh with accreditations both at home and abroad.

(43) In recognition of her charismatic and long career with the film industry of Bangladesh, she was conferred upon the national cine award for 1996 by the Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh for her outstanding contribution as performer of the film “Poka Makorer Ghar Bashatee”.

(44) Zia Shorno Padok- (This award was presented in recognition of her outstanding performance as an actress of Bangladesh.

(45) 2002 Dallywood Film & Music Awards- Lifetime Achievement (New York).

(46) Mawlana Bashani Shorno Podok-2002

(47) Outstanding Performance Award-2002, given by the Bangladesh Society of Nevada, U.S.A.

(48) Tona Tuni Award-2003, Outstanding performance as actress in the film ‘Distant Thunder’ by Sattayjit Ray. F) National Film Award as side Actress by the government of Bangladesh in 2002 (Title of the Film is ‘Hasan Raja’ 50) Bangladesh 2003

50) Bangladesh Producer Distributor Association Award (Best Supporting Actress-2003)

51) Bangladesh Film journalist Association (Best Actress -2003)

52) Dhaka International University –Life time achievement award -2004

53) Bangladesh TV (London) Life time Achievements Award-2004

54) SAAKO Telefilm Award, Life time Achievement Award-2004

55) DupChaya Cultural Association-2005

56) TDF Award ( Best Supporting Actress-2005)

57) Golden Jubliee Audience Award best Actress at 70’s babita-2006

58) Celebration of 50 years of Bangladeshi Cinema Special Award for Acting Organized by Rainbow Film Society 2006, London

59) National Film Award as side Actress by the government of Bangladesh in 2011

Academic Qualification: Doctorate in Acting (India).

Experiences: Since 1969 till date in about long 35 years so far acted in key roles as an actress in 300 movies.

Cultural Activities: A globe-trotter. A widely traveled cultural activist representing Bangladesh to Europe, America, most of the Asian countries and Africa. She was selected as a jury Member of the International Film Festival Bangladesh 2004.

 National Activities: Represented as official delegate to the former Soviet Union 12 times, the U.S.A, Karlovobary International film festival, Berlin International film festival, Italy, Indonesia, Japan, Delhi, Calcutta and too many other internal forums as Ambassador of Goodwill from Bangladesh.

She was a Member of Censor Board for the years 2005, 2006 & 2007.

And also she was selected as a Jury Member of the “National Film Award” for the years 1999, 2000, 2001.

Social Activities:

  • Attended a meeting with cancer-Victim Children at Chittagong Medical College Hospital Organized by Children Leukemia Assistance and Support Services (CLASS). Proactive Patron for the SIDR affected Acid survivors. Sponsored and organized by British High Commission, Dhaka.
  • She is the Goodwill Ambassador for Distressed Children and Infant Internation.

Business Investment: Film Producer and Distributor of 7 (seven) movies with huge investments. Owner of M/S Babita Movies- a leading house of quality and successful feature films of the country.